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Sweetwater Sport Horses


For Sale
Training, Boarding, Riding Lesson and other basic services. Contact for a complete list. 

Training & Board (includes board and training fees)
Full time: 5 sessions per week - $850/Month
Part time: 3 sessions per week  - $700/Month
Per day: $30
Off-site training is also available. Fees will be determined on location.
Private: $50
Group (3 or more riders): $35
If you have a horse in training:
Private - $35
Group - $25
Off-site fees will be determined on location.
Show Fees
Class "A" and "B" shows: $300
Regional Shows: $500
Nationals: $2000
One day shows: $100
Coaching (at shows): $15/per class
*Show rates do not include entry fees, tack stall, groom stall, shavings, hotel fees for trainer or travel costs. These fees will be prorated among the total number of horses attending a show.
Other services
Body Clipping: Horses $140 / Ponies $120
Hauling: ($50 min.) contact for current rates
Sellers Fee: 15% of sale price

Sweetwater Sport Horses
(661) 313-4172
Agua Dulce, CA 91390